Red Velvet performed “Zimzalabim” at a super-sized flashmob with 500 people (ft. Na Ha-eun and Go Toe Kyung)

Red Velvet performed amid a giant crowd with their new song, “Zimzalabim”.

Red Velvet‘s flashmob performance video “ZIP.CODE: SEOUL” was released on SMTOWN’s YouTube channel at 10 p.m (KST) on June 25th.

The flashmob was joined by about 500 famous content creators.

They joined with Red Velvet to complete the perfectly synchronized choreography.

In the middle of the song, Na Ha-eun and Go Toe Kyung appeared, drawing attention as they collaborated with the Red Velvet members.

Fans responded in the comment section of the video, “That’s so cool!“, “This flashmob is amazing” and “Their in-sync dance gives me goosebump“…

Starting with this video, SM will launch a global cover dance campaign called “Zimzalabim In Public“.

Any global fan can participate by posting a video of their ‘Zimzalabim‘ cover online.

Source: Dispatch

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