Red Velvet makes a comeback with a 5-member lineup

The photos of Red Velvet quickly made netizens stir up.

In October 2020, the public was surprised by the news that Irene (Red Velvet) insulted an editor/stylist for 20 minutes.  Also from here, a series of other attitude scandals of the female idol was revealed by industry insiders.  Irene’s image was severely affected and since then, she “disappeared” from personal and group activities, constantly being asked to leave the group by netizens.

On December 28, Red Velvet reunited for the first time with a 5-member lineup after a long time.  Specifically, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri took photos together to promote SM Town Live Culture Humanity’s online concert.  With Irene, this is the first time she returns to the group activity after the attitude scandal.  For Wendy, this is also her return after 1 year of treating the injury caused by falling from the stage.  Immediately, this image made social networks explode.  However, netizens’ attitudes towards Irene and Wendy are extremely different.

Red Velvet comeback1
Red Velvet comeback1

For Wendy, this is her comeback after 1 year of treatment, so fans are very happy and welcome the female idol.  With a clean image and a friendly personality, Wendy is also loved by netizens.  Many comments showed their support for the female idol: “Finally, Wendy has fully recovered”, “I really miss Wendy”, “It’s been so long, Wendy, I need a 5-person Psycho stage” …

Red Velvet comeback

However, with Irene, she did not receive such a warm welcome. The visual of Red Velvet was attacked and criticized a lot after the attitude scandal: “She took pictures as nothing happened”, “Irene is really shameless”, “She still comes back”…

Red Velvet comeback4

Netizens also repeatedly debated about Red Velvet’s lineup.  After the attitude, Irene was asked to leave the group by netizens.  Many people want to exclude Irene from the group, only support the 4-member Red Velvet.  Meanwhile, many fans protect Irene, claiming that she has not committed illegal crimes and can still work with the group.

Sources: kenh14

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