Red Velvet is coming back in full swing in November

The popular SM girlgroup RED VELVET is reported to be coming back in November.

"Power Up" helped RED VELVET to earn their first Perfect All-kill in the career.

Red Velvet released their summer mini album ‘Summber Magic’ in August with the title song called “Power Up”. They are expected to come back after three months and be active until the end of the year. After their last summer’s mini album “The Red Summer” and title song Red Flavor and last August’s “Power Up” which gained incredible achievements, they are expected to come back in full swing this year.

In November, following the comebacks of big stars such as TWICE, EXO, Wanna One,… Red Velvet’s new music product will also join the competition. A more intense year-end music industry is fully expected by all Kpop fans!

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