Red Velvet Irene “Please mark the center”… Meticulous instructions to the staff

Red Velvet Irene revealed a part of her travel routine with the staff.

On July 29th, SM C&C Studio, the production company of the entertainment program “Irene’s Work & Holiday”, released a main teaser video that gives a glimpse into the daily life of singer Irene and human Bae Joo-hyun (Irene’s real name).


“Irene’s Work & Holiday” is a reality show that includes the appearance of both Red Velvet Irene and Bae Joo-hyun, a “noisy” person who went on vacation with “real” friends who have been with her since the beginning of her debut.

The program drew public attention in that it portrayed the daily life of Irene and her staff, along with the past when Irene was the object of public criticism due to the controversy over power abuse. K-pop fans were also interested in whether Irene would be able to cover up her past controversy and leave a positive image through the launch of “Irene’s Work & Holiday”.

red velvet irene

The teaser video released this time depicts Irene preparing for the stage and going on a trip with her staff to Bali, Indonesia.

Before the concert stage, while getting her makeup done, Irene looked nervous, saying, “I’m shaking so hard.” In addition, she showed meticulous preparation for the stage by instructing the staff to “mark the center”.

red velvet irene

On the trip to Bali, she announced her bright current situation as if she had relieved her worries. Irene’s passion for the program can be felt when she continued the march and said, “We leave no one behind.”

red velvet irene

The production team emphasized, “Singer Irene’s backstage appearance and human Bae Joo-hyun’s unexpected appearance were captured up close. It will be a time to meet singer Irene, who has various charms, and human Bae Joo-hyun at the same time.”

red velvet irene

“Irene’s Work & Holiday” will be released every Thursday and Friday on the OTT platform Seezn at 6 PM starting from August 4th. Anyone can watch it for free regardless of network carrier.

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