Red Velvet danced to the accompaniment without MR at a university festival

Red Velvet’s extremely cute performance made everyone laugh. On May 23, the group performed at the Chung-Ang University Festival in Seoul.

Joy was on the stage giving the audience two choices and asking them to vote for one.

“Number one, singing ‘Red Flavor’ with MR. Number two, performing Bad Boy with no accompaniment,” she said with a smile.

The audience shouted number 2 very loud and Joy said, “So you want ‘Bad Boy!’

The members were happy. “Then you have to sing the accompaniment for us!” “We’ve never been like this before,” she said.

Red Velvet started saying the MR themselves. “Five, six, seven, eight. Hey!” Then they started dancing.

And then they sang the MR, “Poop, poop, poop.” They were really cute on stage and perfectly performed live without accompaniment.

The audience burst into laughter. They sang the MR together with passion. Everyone cheered for the dancers who sang and danced to the accompaniment.

Next was Peel-A-Boo. This time they also sang the accompaniment themselves and showed off their perfectly matched dance moves.

Let’s watch a video of Red Velvet’s cute performance today.

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