Recording the whistling sound 1,000 times, but WHISTLE was almost not chosen as BLACKPINK’s debut song

BLACKPINK has had great success with the song WHISTLE, but the truth is that they almost debuted with another song.

On October 14, the documentary film BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky was officially aired with behind-the-scenes stories that have never been revealed about 4 talented girls of YG Entertainment. One of the secrets that surprised the audiences the most was when BLACKPINK and producer Teddy revealed that almost the group did not choose WHISTLE as their debut song.

While sitting in the studio and recounting memories with Teddy, Rosé shared: “We almost didn’t come out with Whistle for our debut song”. Teddy Park also agreed and added that a lot of people thought this was a risky decision, but at the last minute they still decided to choose this song. He said most people were opposed to WHISTLE becoming BLACKPINK’s debut song: “Because it has this weird country vibe to it, and it’s super minimal. It just sounded empty for lots of people. Most of people were against it. We just pushed forward, whatever”.

Not only that, but the recording of the song “WHISTLE” was also extremely hard. They had to record the whistling sound 1,000 times, and for Teddy it was an unforgettable experience.

The revelation of BLACKPINK and Teddy surprised many people because the YG girl group has achieved countless achievements with this song. Thanks to WHISTLE, BLACKPINK became the first idol group to receive Perfect All Kill (PAK) certification with their debut song. Up to now, no idol has broken this record. Not only that, but BLACKPINK also won the first trophy in their career with the song WHISTLE. The song that helped the YG girl group win the trophy on the music show after only 13 days of debut, thereby they ranked 10th in the top groups that won the fastest cup in Kpop history.

Until now, WHISTLE is still considered as one of the best songs of BLACKPINK. Jisoo also shared: “Whistle kept going up and up and when it hit number one, we were happy and excited. Jennie thought she was most surprised when the song reached number one on the charts and that was when the female idol was most excited. As for Rosé, she remembered when she heard the news that the song WHISTLE ranked No. 2 on the charts. The main vocalist of BLACKPINK said: “I remember when we were in a practice room when we heard the news that we were number two. I kept on checking and checking, but we had to go to practice. And then someone came and said ‘Oh my God’. We jumped up and down”.

BLACKPINK’s confidences show that the 4 girls have a lot of love for their debut song.Fortunately, Teddy and the group agreed to choose WHISTLE, because this is the song that started their glorious career.

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