Receiving criticisms from global fans, the actors who played the VIPs in “Squid Game” complained that they got depression

While Netflix’s original series “Squid Game” is still gaining popularity worldwide, attention has also been drawn to the actors who appeared in this drama.

However, unlike those who received compliments, the actors who played the VIPs were criticized for their awkward acting. Regarding this, some actors have raised their voices and even complained about their depression.

On October 19th (local time), the British daily newspaper “The Guardian” conducted an online interview with 3 actors who played the VIPs in “Squid Game”.

In the drama, the VIPs are people who gather in a luxurious place, wear masks and enjoy the ‘squid game’ through the monitor screen. They are there to watch which game player would take away the 45.6-billion-won prize money.

However, overseas viewers were angry at their acting skills, and they actually received harsh criticism from the U.S rating website IMDb. Many netizens even left malicious comments, such as “Those amateur foreign actors have ruined such a great drama”, “I thought their voices are from Google Translate”, “Just bring in any foreigners, they would definitely have acted better than these actors.

In response, the actors who played the VIPs expressed that they didn’t think they would be criticized for their acting skills.

Actor Daniel C. Kennedy, who played VIP 2, shared, “I was hurt by those comments and have suffered from extreme depression”. However, he said he is currently trying to accept those feedbacks and make this an opportunity to improve his skills. John D. Michaels is the actor who played VIP1. He said, “We’re also actors who were officially cast through auditions.

In fact, he is a veteran actor who has appeared in several films, including “Space Sweepers”, “The Man Standing Next” and “A Taxi Driver”, over the past five years. Daniel C. Kennedy is also an actor with 7 years of experience. It is known that he has been acting in Korea since 2014.

Meanwhile, the only actor who played VIP 4, didn’t wear a mask, and revealed his face in the drama is Geoffrey Giuliano. He replied with a pleasant reaction, saying, “I don’t care about harsh criticism. I appeared in the hottest drama on Earth and became a star. I’m receiving lots of letters from fans, too.”

Although being hurt by malicious comments, the actors all admitted that “Squid Game” is an outstanding work.

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