Recalling the footage of Gian84’s tolerance of being ignored and bullied

The expression of Gian84 being pranked by the hidden camera in MBC’s show “I Live Alone” received explosive responses from the viewers, saying, “It’s heartbreaking.”

I Live Alone
I Live Alone

On August 17, a post was uploaded on an online community called DogDrip titled “Gian84 held back his tears in ‘I Live Alone’”. The post included photos and gifs of Gian84’s expressions when he re-watched the trip in the episode of “I Live Alone’ aired on August 13.

In the video mentioned in the post, Gian84 was bending his head, biting his lips tightly, and trying to hold back his emotions. Some captions such as ‘teary’, ‘it was good’, ‘sad’ appeared as the subtitles on the screen.

The post writer criticized the production team, saying, “He was holding back his tears. It breaks my heart. What did you think of when editing that scene of Gian?”

Other netizens also left their comments: “A person with panic disorder was pranked in a hidden camera. This is bullying, isn’t it?”, “The production team have not given any words about the situation yet”, “I was hoping to see other members show up and they could have fun together…”, “It’s impossible to say anything because the video was deleted”

Meanwhile, in the episode of “I Live Alone” aired on August 13, Gian84 had finished his webtoon ‘King of Return’ after 10 years, so he planned for a closing trip with the members to celebrate the end of his webtoon. However, when Jeon Hyun Moo and Gian84 arrived at Yeoju, Gian’s hometown, Jeon Hyun Moo said, “The other members are not coming (because of Corona 19 pandemic)”. Gian84 was in deep disappointment, he said, “So why didn’t you tell me initially that there would only be 2 of us?”

After being criticized by the audience for bullying Gian84, the production team hurriedly deleted the video. However, the controversy continues to be brought up.

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