“Reborn Rich” cast dinner party photos revealed, but this actor is nowhere to be seen

“Reborn Rich” actors gathered for a dinner party but one of the main cast members wasn’t present. 

Cho Han Chul, who plays Jin Dong Ki, the second son of chairman Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) in JTBC’s popular drama “Reborn Rich”, shared several photos of a dinner party with the cast of “Reborn Rich” on December 8th. 

Reborn rich
Reborn rich

Previously, on December 1st, Kim Do Hyun, who plays uncle Choi Chang Jae in “Reborn Rich”, also posted a photo of a dinner party with the caption, “The day we ate meat, Do Joon took this #Reborn Rich.”

In the photos of the dinner party, the main and supporting actors of “Reborn Rich” were enjoying a meal and drinking in comfortable clothes.

Reborn rich

All the actors looked at the camera with bright expressions and posed friendly with each other. The dinner was attended by Song Joong Ki, Jung Hye Young, Kim Shin Rok, Kim Nam Hee, Kang Gi Doong, Jo Han Chul, Park Ji Hyun, Kim Jeong Nan, Seo Jae Hee, Kim Young Jae, Kim Hyun, and Jung Hee Tae.

“Reborn Rich” lead actor Lee Sung Min was not seen in the photo, raising curiosity. He also could not be found in the previously revealed photo of the cast’s dinner party.

Netizens left comments, “Where is Chairman Jin Yang Chul?” and “Lee Sung Min wasn’t there.” One netizen even hilariously wrote a comment parodying Lee Sung Min’s famous line in “Reborn Rich”, “Does a dinner party make money?”

Reborn rich

“Reborn Rich” is gaining huge popularity, recording an average nationwide viewership rating of 24.9% (according to Nielsen Korea) in the 14th episode. According to Gallup Korea on December 20th, “Reborn Rich” also ranked first in Koreans’ favorite TV program in December 2022.

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