Reasons why IKON can’t help but get criticized

A post on the Korean site Pann is gaining attention from netizens for listing all of iKON’s past scandals.

During V-app broadcast, one member hits another member’s hat and hits his shoulder with his fist
It seems to be a joke, but if you look at his face, are you sure it’s only a joke?
Boyfriend, BTS, Vixx, etc They diss them all
The father of an iKON member has been charged with embezzlement of billions. But this member said he respected his father and wanted to live a life like his
Going to the club in their fifth month of debut.
The clothes Bobby wears are giving off ‘Ahegao’ vibe. They are oral intercourse and biblical reference’s costumes, causing excitement Outfits that have images of oral sex amd belly punch
Putting his feet on the table while checking his phone at the radio broadcast.
During the concert in Japan, they wore skirts, and then put their head under the skirts of others.
Honestly, this is the real worth-burying level.

They couldn’t manage their facial expressions during the handshake event held when they first debuted.

When fans asked to take down the photo about the controversial japanese
“I don’t like it~”

Sources: Pann

  1. [939, -103]
    Their dark past with BTS TT TT
  2. [859, -18]
    Wow really, if one of these belongs to EXO, BTS or Wanna One, the community will be overly crazy. Keep digging. They live knowing that they are lucky, but they are digging a grave for themselves.
  3. [642, -19]
    They’d be thankful if you can bury them
  4. [52, -102]
    Winner has a scandal too, right? Song Minho and the maternity ward.

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