Reasons why BTS is considered one of the KPOP groups with the most difficult dance moves

The difficulty level of BTS’s choreography sometimes triggers other groups when they want to make a cover.

KPOP has always mesmerized audiences with not only it´s music but also it´s choreography. BTS is one of the top boy groups that make fans unable to take their eyes off their performances.
Witnessing their continuous success, nobody can deny BTS’s contribution to KPOP and their music quality. But we cannot leave out the group’s choreography when talking about BTS’s attractive points. Considered one of the groups with the hardest dance moves, BTS is sure one of the most challenging choices when other groups decide who to make a cover from.

While watching BTS’s performance, fans can easily see how fast, strong and complicated their dance moves are. But actually in reality, the dances require even more than that.

Usually within four beats, idols are able to do three moves, but the number of moves BTS does is seven. Furthermore, being able to complete the moves is not enough, synchronization is also necessary. In addition, the continuously changing formation requires the group to bond and highly focus.
BTS member Jin used to reveal that to deliver a perfect “DNA” stage to fans, the boy group had to practice for about seven to eight, even ten hours a day for a month prior to the album’s release. This shows that even BTS have to work very hard to master their choreography. That’s why they say when somebody can flawlessly cover the group’s dance moves, that person is bound to be a good dancer.

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