Rare Kpop groups without a single useless member

The following groups have helped the Korean music industry eradicate the stereotype of an industry that only focuses on looks.

Nowadays, there are so many groups debuting and not every group owns all talented members. However, there are rare groups with all talented members, listed below:


YG, Bigbang, Gdragon, Daesung, 2017

It can be said that all five golden boys of YG own the talents that can overwhelm any other Kpop boy groups. With BIG BANG, each member is a different individual, but when combined together, they form a perfect group. Even when separating to do solo activities, they still shine their way. In the Kpop industry, there are rare groups that have all talented members just like BIGBANG.


It is natural that SNSD is called the national pop group and also the most successful girl group of Kpop for many years. The success of SNSD is the sum of all the efforts made by all 8 members. When coming together as a group, SNSD has a really good visual presence, excellent vocalists and skilled dancers. 8 girls have their own 8 individual personalities, 8 different kinds of achievements, but they all have the same thing: Talent.


Speaking of DBSK, fans immediately think of the name “king” of Kpop. Even though they have been active for 15 years with 3 members leaving the group, DBSK has always been the top idol group for music fans. Each member of the group, whether in or out of the group, has excellent musical and dance skills. And it’s not surprising that they are the only “million dollar idol group” of Kpop because of the big things they have done.


MAMAMOO is one of Kpop’s representative girl groups because of their unique style and top-notch talents. It is such a surprise that all the members have equal talents. Not only Hwasa, Wheein, Solar who are known for powerful vocals, but even rapper Moonbyul is known to have a good voice. In addition to singing and dancing, MAMAMOO members are also talented producers. MAMAMOO is one of the few girl groups that can choreograph their own songs.


winner, everyday

Coming from YG – the famous entertainment company in terms of music quality – WINNER is definitely not a mediocre group. Like BIGBANG, WINNER has rapper Song Mino and vocalist Kang Seung Yoon as the base. The other members also have their own strengths. It can be said that WINNER is a group with no weaknesses.


Ever since their popularity, the members of EXID have proved that they all have great talents. The girls conquered the hearts of audiences of all ages by their singing and powerful stage presence.

These talented groups have helped Kpop eliminate the prejudices that it focuses on looks only, while in fact, the ability to sing and dance are the things that are really appreciated. It’s an honor to have our idols on this list, isn’t it?

Sources: Yan

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