Rapper Verbal Jint: “I’m sorry for causing trouble to G-FRIEND”

Singer and rapper Verbal Jint was criticized for having the title of his new song “Gfriend” the same with a girl group’s name, G-FRIEND.

“I didn’t expect to offend girl group G-FRIEND and fans with my thoughtless action” Verbal Jint wrote on his Instagram account on October 22nd, admitting his fans’ criticism.

“I apologize for not giving you feedback faster, and I will correct the title of the song as soon as possible,” he said. “I want to apologize again for having hurt you guys.”

On October 21st, Verbal Jint released 2 new songs, “Trainee Girl” and “Gfiend”. However, the fans of girl group G-FRIEND pointed out that the title “Gfriend” is a trademark that stands for the group’s name, not an English word meaning “girlfriend”.

In particular, there has been a series of protests from girl group G-FRIEND’s fans in that the lyrics of the song “Gfriend” have been suggestive.

Read Verbal Jint’s apology below

Hello, I’m Verbal Jint.
I am writing to apologize for the opening song I released yesterday.
I was making mini albums with similar ideas, thinking that the songs from Young Thug’s “Jeffery” album, released in 2016, was actually titled by the real sellers. Plus, in the process of titling a song that was already written, I never imagined that my short thoughts would offend the group G-FRIEND and their fans.
I apologize for not giving quick feedback and will correct the title of the song as soon as possible. I’m sorry again to hear that you’ve been hurt.

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