Rapper NO:EL, son of the Member of National Assembly Jang Je Won, is being a “trouble maker” again

Rapper NO:EL has caused troubles again despite being in a probation period

Rapper NO:EL, son of the Member of National Assembly Jang Je Won, is being a “trouble maker” again

NO:EL (21 years old, real name Jang Yong Joon), son of the National Assembly’s Member Jang Je Won, has been claimed to be a “trouble maker” due to his causing controversies constantly. It is said that NO:EL is more famous for being a controversial guy than a rapper.

According to a report from Yonhap News on September 19, NO:EL had an accident with another car while driving a Mercedes-Benz in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul at 10:30 PM on September 18.

After investigating the accident scene, police suspected NO:EL of drunk driving and demanded a sobriety test and identity verification. However, it is reported that NO:EL refused to comply with the request and hit the police officer on the head. The police arrested and investigated him on charges of refusing to comply with the sobriety test, then sent him home.

This is not the first time NO:EL caused controversies. NO:EL, who made headlines for appearing on Mnet’s show “High School Rapper Season 1” in 2017, was accused of minor prostitution and drinking alcohol allegations. Therefore, he had to drop out of the show after the 1st episode. After that, he returned through Mnet’s rap show “Show Me The Money 6”, proving his potential as a rapper and counterbalancing the negative public opinion towards him.

However, the glory he got in “Show Me The Money 6” only sparked for a moment. He was under fire for cursing on SNS regularly, such as, “People who curse me are mostly Dae-gae-Moon (President Moon Jae In’s supporters). These people are not human. They are bugs”. Since then, he made his name be known to the public as a gossiper rather than a rapper.

In particular, NO:EL caused a stir by hitting a motorcycle because of drunk driving on the road in Mapo-gu, Seoul in September 2019. At that time, NO:EL was criticized for being found to have swapped his seat with an acquaintance to cover up his crime.

In this case, he was indicted on charges of drunk driving and “switching driver” and was sentenced to probation in his first trial last year. During the probation period, he ignored the self-reflection promise and made an unexpected “my way” move. In April, NO:EL was sent to prosecution on charges of assaulting a pedestrian in Busan. After checking the CCTV footage, the police determined that NO:EL committed an assault. However, the prosecution stated that they did not have the right to prosecute him.

Criticism towards NO:EL, who has constantly caused controversies even during his self-reflection period, is flooding all over the Internet sites again.

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