Rapper and main vocalist exchanging their positions: the 100 percent accuracy way to identify an all-around group

You will be surprised when watching the position exchange of these groups!

It is when the rappers are in charge of singing the song while the vocals perform rap, or the group members exchange their lines randomly. Either way, they can prove their singing talent.


The rapper line and vocal line switched their positions when performing the song “I Need U”. You’ll get the chance to see Jungkook rapping like a “real rapper” or Suga reached Jin’s high note. The fact that BTS members all have good singing and rapping skills make netizens admire them.

BTS with hilarious position-exchanging version among the members


With “DDD”, EXID had a great performance when Jeonghwa sang Hani’s line while Hani was in charge of LE’s rap part. Hyelin sang Jeonghwa’s line and LE was responsible for that of Hyelin. This video was made as a gift to their fans. In this video, although their singing and rapping parts were recorded, it is clear that Hani’s rapping skill was quite impressive and LE proved her singing skill which is nearly as good as their vocalist Hyelin.

LE reached vocalist Hyelin’s high note.


This performance is a year-end gift TWICE dedicated to their fans. In spite of changing their positions, they still did a good job. The fact that two members Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon reached their leader Jihyo’s high note surprised their fans, especially Chaeyoung who is known to be a rapper can sing well too.

This performance is a year-end gift for their fans.


In a fan meeting, GOT7 members exchanged their line in their title song “Hard Carry”. GOT7 rappers like Bambam and Mark switched their positions with two vocalists JB and Youngjae. This performance is considered the most hilarious one that their fans have ever watched when the members kept imitating the others’ singing and expression, making their fans keep laughing.

As fans wish, GOT7 members gave a funny yet great performance when exchanging their parts


During one performance of “It’s Okay”, fans are amazed when Minhyuk who is originally a rapper was also in charge of their maknae Sungjae’s singing part due to his absence. Many netizens even said that Minhyuk’s singing version was more impressive than Sungjae’s original one.

Minhyuk surprised fans because of his excellent singing skill!

Whether it’s by accident or by “design”, these position exchanging performances awed netizens with these groups’ singing skills. Because vocalists can rap as well as rappers and vice versa, these idol groups are admirable, aren’t they?

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