Rain “The first complaint regarding affair rumors has been completed…There will be no leniency”

Singer Rain’s side said that they have completed the first complaint regarding cheating rumors.

Rain Company announced on Oct 17th, “The first complaint is done by requesting a police investigation into YouTubers and writers who distributed false information or rumors related to our artist on communities, social networks or forums.”

bi rain

They emphasized, “There will be no leniency as we inform you that we will continue the second and third investigation requests for suspects who made false accusations, slander and insulting remarks about our artist.”

Earlier, a magazine reported that top star A, who has acting, singing and dancing skills, is living together with golfer B, and A’s wife, C, is also aware of this. Afterwards, some netizens pointed to singer-actor Rain as A. In response, the identity of the woman believed to be B spread rapidly through mobile messengers and SNS.

Bi Rain

Regarding this, Rain Company made an official statement, “We are aware of the rumors circulating about our artist, but we judged that there’s no need for us to address the situation because it is a clear false fact with no value that needs us to respond. However, rumors began to spread rapidly yesterday and today, which led to personal attacks and criticism against our artist as well as his family, making it difficult for us to ignore them any longer. We have inquired with the media source that reported the first news to confirm whether it is about our artist, and we have received a confirmation that the character in their report is not our artist. We will hold anyone who spread the rumor responsible for posting unidentified information as if it were true or writing malicious posts, including defamation under the Information and Communication Network Act, violations of illegal information distribution, and false distribution through transmission between individuals.”

Bi Rain

Source: nate

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