Public opinion turned its back on Kwon Mina, seemed to sympathize with Shin Jimin

Public opinion finally turned its back on the continued revelations. This is about Kwon Mina and Shin Jimin from AOA, who had a bullying controversy.

Public opinion turned its back on Kwon Mina, seemed to sympathize with Shin Jimin

Kwon Mina conducted an Instagram live broadcast as previously announced on the 5th. This is a rebuttal broadcast against the claim that “there was no harassment” from the AOA gallery.

In her broadcast that day, Kwon Mina said it was right that her lover had ‘juggled two’ and that she ended her relationship with him because of this. Along with this, she continued to expose Shin Jimin.

“I was not bullied within AOA but I suffered from Shin Jimin for 10 years,” she said, referring to the death of her father that she had previously revealed, emphasizing that she could not be next to her father in the final hours due to Shin Jimin.

In addition to this, Kwon Mina hinted at Shin Jimin, saying that there is a member of AOA who likes ‘sex’. When a netizen asked, “The members got hurt once again, are you going to take responsibility for what you did?”, and wrote, “That’s Shin Jimin.”

Another netizen asked, “Why did you write down Seolhyun’s name in your will?” Kwon Mina said, “I was close with Seolhyun, but she acted like a bat (being two-faced, leaving friends to chase benefits,…) so I felt betrayed.” and “That person is in a high position now so she might never care about me no matter what I become”

In that day’s broadcast, Kwon Mina even revealed the traces of self-harm left on her bully.

AOA’s fans were greatly hurt by Kwon Mina’s continued exposure, and the public also complained of fatigue. Finally, sympathy for Shin Jimin is also rising. Kwon Mina has shocked the public by directly announcing self-harm and attempts to make extreme choices on Instagram.

In response to this, Shin Jimin’s retirement message is spreading again. After the harassment controversy, Shin Jimin posted an apology on her Instagram in July of last year and went through the process of retirement to daily life.

AOA fandom supported the announcement and encouraged these members. Earlier, AOA Gallery issued a statement on the 3rd, saying, “The claim made by Kwon Mina that she was ‘bullied’ within the team was not true.” and “Kwon Mina said that she had a drink and talked with the members except for Shin Jimin right before her withdrawal.”

At the same time, fandoms of the members urged their agency, FNC Entertainment, to “take legal action to prevent the spread of slander or false information about AOA.”

Kwon Mina announced that she would stop her SNS activities after her Instagram broadcast on the same day. During that time, Kwon Mina has been communicating through her Instagram, continuing her exposure. However, less than a day after Kwon Mina announced that she would stop her activities on social media, she overturned her own claim by commenting on a content about Shin Jimin and Seolhyeon.

Source: Nate

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