PSY, EXO, BTS once had fun together in an ending stage of a music show

For fans, this is obviously the best ending stage thanks to the appearance of many top male Kpop artists such as PSY, EXO and BTS

Recently, the netizens has been”digging back” and spreading actively a clip of an ending stage from 3 years ago. It was from the music show Inkigayo with the appearance of PSY, EXO, BTS and many other groups. For K-Pop fans, this is definitely a one of a kind stage in the history thanks to the interesting interaction between the hottest Korean artists and groups at the moment.

On December 20, 2015, in Inkigayo, after announcing that PSY had won the trophy for the hit “Daddy”, other groups and artists did not feel sad about losing their No. 1 position at all. On the other hand, they even celebrated enthusiastically for PSY’s victory, turning the stage into a lively dance party for Christmas. Fans were especially excited with a moment where V (BTS) and Baekhyun (EXO) have fun together and dance around passionately with PSY.

PSY, EXO, BTS once having fun together in an ending stage of a music show
V (BTS), Baekhyun (EXO) and the artists on stage happily celebrated the victory of PSY with funny dances.
A one of kind stage with the appearance of BTS, EXO and PSY

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