Proving their “global group” title, BTS reaches a worldwide Top 3 just behind Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

As the “Kings of Youtube”, BTS continues their spree with a new record, making their fans proud.

Recently, BTS has just made a new record with their MV “DNA” reaching 8 million likes on Youtube 1 year after the upload. This is the 3rd MV of BTS to reach this number after “Fake Love” and “IDOL”. This number helps bring BTS into the world wide top 3 artists with the number of MVs reaching 8 million likes, along with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

“DNA” officially reached 8 million likes which is BTS’s 3rd MV to be able to do this.

BTS is slowly proving their strength while just a few days ago, they had just broken a new record with 6 MVs reaching 400 million views on Youtube. In the future, it is certain that this Big Hit boygroup will make more records with their stable growth.

Congrats BTS with their Youtube views and like records!

Source: Kenh14

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