Proposing a plan for BTS to postpone their obligations after their historic achievements on HOT 100: All 7 members will enlist at the same time?

However, even with this plan, there is still a big problem about the fairness between BTS and other male idols.

Recently, BTS’ “Dynamite” rebounds for a third week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. Because of BTS’s international achievements, the Korean government is considering special measures to minimize the freeze period due to enlistment, at the same time delaying the army’s enlistment for BTS. 

On September 28 (local time), Billboard reported: “BTS’s song” Dynamite ” back to number 1 on the HOT 100 chart”.Thus, BTS has set a new record with a total of 3 weeks at # 1 on the Billboard HOT 100. “Dynamite”  debuted at No. 1 on the Hot 100 dated September 5 and remained atop the September 12 chart, before spending the next two weeks at No. 2. It returns to No. 1 from the runner-up spot after 5 weeks.

The active promotional activities from Big Hit Entertainment played a huge role in helping BTS regain the No.1 spot this time. Billboard also reported: “Helping “Dynamite” in the week ending Sept. 24 were four new remixes released Sept. 18: its “Bedroom,” “Midnight,” “Retro” and “Slow Jam” mixes, which, combined, accounted for 52% of the song’s overall sales in the tracking week. “Poolside” and “Tropical” remixes of “Dynamite” were released Aug. 28, joining the original and instrumental versions and EDM and acoustic remixes released Aug. 21, with all versions sale-priced to 69 cents during their first five weeks.” On the Hot 100, “Dynamite” is the first song among duos or groups to tally at least three weeks at No. 1 in almost two years, since Maroon’s “Girls Like You,” featuring Cardi B, dominated for seven weeks in September-November 2018.

After BTS’s recent huge accomplishment, the subject of BTS upcoming military enlistment was brought up once again. According to the current military laws, Jin- the oldest member- must enlist before 2020 ends. If the members will have to enlist in turn, until the youngest Jungkook fulfills his duties, within the next 5 years, the audience will not be able to see BTS appear together as a complete group.

The Korean government and politicians were carefully considering plans to delay BTS’s enlistment for a long time. They are actively gathering citizens’ opinions because BTS have played a huge role in promoting Korea’s image.

The option currently under consideration is to postpone the obligations for BTS for 5 years. So that the oldest member Jin (was born in 1992) can enlist at the same time as the youngest member Jungkook (was born in 1997).

Since the majority of South Koreans tend to oppose military service exemptions, politicians have come up with a plan to minimize the amount of frozen time by the issue of enlistment. According to that plan, not only Jin but also Suga (was born in 1993), RM and J-Hope (were born in 1994), V and Jimin (were born in 1995), will also enlist at the same time as Jungkook.

Before that, in 2019, the government announced a new amendment to the military service law. The new law does not explicitly name BTS but would include individuals who have given outstanding influence and contribution towards the advancement of culture and arts in South Korea and raised the national status, and have been acknowledged by the goverments for their merits. These individuals will get the chance to delay their enlistment until 30 years old. 

However, there is no legal basis to delay the military enlistment for BTS. Ensuring fairness for other male idol groups is still a difficult problem. Because in the context of all men being forced into the army under the current national regulations, making special exceptions for certain individuals would create a lot of pressure. In addition, the exemption from military service for high-income idols can also be seen as a special treatment. Therefore, the Korean governments are carefully planning before making a final decision.

Once again, the proposal to postpone / exempt BTS from military service was under discussion even though the members announced that they would still enlist when the country asked.  Korean fans and netizens almost oppose the proposal that all BTS members will enlist at the same time because the space they leave will be extremely large.

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