Proof that the “final boss” in Squid Game fails to escape in episode 6: A brilliant detail that not many viewers can realize!

This move corresponds exactly to what happened in Squid Game. Is it possible that the “final boss” was trying to escape?

Squid Game is quickly becoming a global hit on Netflix, thanks to not only its dramatic survival concept but also its meticulously produced script. The writer secretly included various details throughout the 9 episodes so that the viewers, even if they have watched the series for the second and third time, could discover something new.

Squid Game

The most shocking twist of the series is the identity of the one who stood behind the organization that created Squid Game being revealed in the last episode. Instead of anyone else, the leader turns out to be player 001 – the old man who supposedly died in episode 6, as well as the “best friend” of the main character Gi Hun. Squid Game hints at the old man’s mysterious identity in numerous details. However, many viewers may be unaware that in the 6th episode, Oh Il Nam attempts but fails to complete another “scheme.”

The players are instructed to form groups of two in episode 6 – Gganbu. Because the total number of players is odd, one individual will be left out and moved to the resting room without taking part in the game.

Every player goes seeking for a solid partner and assumes that the old man 001 will be left out. Oh Il Nam himself sits alone in a corner, without bothering to find a teammate. He only stands up to participate in the game until Gi Hun kindly asks him to pair up with him.

Squid Game

As the game’s “final boss”, the old man 001 is likely to be familiar with the marbles game he is going to face. Many speculations point out that he sits in the corner on purpose so that no one would pick him. He would then be able to pause the game. The other players in Squid Game would simply assume that he fails to survive.

This plan, however, is ruined when Gi Hun asks him to be his teammate. At the end of the marble game, the old man fakes his death to be officially “knocked out.” That is why he pretends to be senile, goes find a house with a hidden corner, and then hands Gi Hun the last marble.

Squid Game

Mi Nyeo turns out to be the lucky one who is eventually not picked by any other player, because no one wants to be teammates with such an impulsive, mean person like her. As a result, she is given the advantage that is supposed to belong to Oh Il Nam.

All episodes of Squid Game are now available on Netflix.

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