Prof. Seo Kyung-deok criticized Chinese’s “Squid Game” illegal streaming

“Please learn how to respect others. The threat of them trying to steal South Korean’s cultures worries me.” – he said. 

Seo Kyung-deok, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University (Seoul), said to Chinese netizens who illegally download and stream the Netflix Korean drama “Squid Game“, “You have to learn how to “respect” for other countries’ culture first.”

squid game

On Oct 5th, Professor Seo first introduced the popularity of “Squid Games” on SNS. He wrote, “It is encouraging that the drama topped the list in 83 countries where Netflix content is provided, which also includes India – a country that usually prefers their own country’s content.”

After that, he criticized the behavior of many Chinese netizens.

Professor Seo said, “One big problem is that illegal downloads are prevalent in China. On shopping apps, they even sell the iconic green gym clothes in the drama with the Chinese character for “China” printed.” He added, “The illegal download and distribution of Chinese netizens have been a problem for a long time, and there are many even try to copy Korean content.”

He also criticized the fact that China is making forced claims that kimchi, ginseng chicken soup, hanbok, and many other things which are traditional Korean cultures, are originated in China.

Professor Seo analyzed that such behavior might result in “Korea losing its leadership in Asian culture.”

“Chinese netizens have to learn how to “respect” other countries’ cultures first,” he said.

Source: Dispatch

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