Producer Ryan Jhun was chastised for using a pejorative word about girl groups

On social media, producer Ryan Jhun was chastised for using derogatory terms about women.

Ryan Jhun

The DC Gallery is known for being critical of female idols and spreading stories about girl groups, and one of Ryan Jhun’s remarks on the site has gotten a lot of attention. “Boj-dols seem to do well,” he said, according to reports. “Boj-dol” is a pejorative word for female idols, and it alludes to an offensive slang for vagina.

Though the producer first claimed the problem was caused by a mistake, he has now clarified his viewpoint and apologized to fans.

Ryan Jhun recently cooperated with LOONA, but he’s also known to have worked with female groups such as Weekly, Cosmic Girls, Oh My Girl, and others.

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