Producer of THE BOYZ Eric’s song claimed he did not plagiarize B.A.P’s “Coffee Shop”

After THE BOYZ Eric’s “4:03 (Jet Lag)” was accused of copying B.A.P’s “Coffee Shop”, a participating producer has spoken up. 

Previously on December 22nd, THE BOYZ Eric released the self-composed song “4:03 (Jet Lag)” on Soundcloud to express gratitude to fans on his birthday. In the credits of the song, Eric was named as the composer and lyricist, while production and arrangement was credited to “Dyan”. However, as “4:03 (Jet Lag)” shares uncanny similarities with “Coffee Shop”, a song released by boy group B.A.P in 2013, accusations of plagiarism started to arise. 

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Amid the controversy, the producer who worked with Eric in “4:03 (Jet Lag)” have spoken up and refuted all copying allegations. In particular, he posted several stories on Instagram, which said: “Receiving lot of messages about the controversy:

  1. Didn’t knew about the existence of the song [B.A.P’s “Coffee Shop”]
  2. I’m the owner of this beat. A result from my inspiration and it’s not a remake
  3. Took the sample from a different video on YouTube
  4. Fuckin’ don’t sounds like coffee shop” 
the boyz eric producer bap

The producer also posted images of his song production project, the jazz piano sample utilized in “4:03 (Jet Lag)”, and an additional story which reads, “Don’t know y’all opinions in Korea on the subject, but here using of sample is current. Using a piece of sample don’t mean to make a full remake of a song. Feel free to the Eric’s team to mention B.A.P on desc(ription). But I;ve made the beat, reason why they mentioned me and why I don’t feel concerned by accusations. Last word on it.” 

However, on the YouTube video of the sample that Dyan used for “4:03 (Jet Lag)”, it is stated clearly in the description that “the song is B.A.P’s ‘Coffee Shop’ Piano Version’. 

On the other hand, the original producer of “Coffee Shop” affirmed that B.A.P’s “Coffee Song” doesn’t use any sample and was produced completely from scratch. They, however, won’t pursue legal actions unless “4:03 (Jet Lag)” is used for commercial purposes. 

Source: LSB 

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