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Produce X 101: 2 outstanding trainees are put in the lowest class, do they really deserve it?

The surprisingly low ranking in of the 2 trainees after the 2nd episode of “Produce X 101” made the audience feel shocked.

Episode 2 of the hottest survival show of the year “Produce X 101” was officially aired on the evening of May 10.

Following the unfinished classification round from last week, trainees who came from many Korean entertainment companies stepped onto the stage to receive their first rank. Notably, the two trainees that were expected by the audience to receive high rankings were suddenly placed in class X – the lowest class of this season, meaning they will not be able to join and practice in the training center of the program.

The most prominent case is the male trainee who was voted as the most handsome trainee of “Produce” season 4 – Kim Mingyu from Jellyfish Entertainment. From the moment he stepped onto the stage, Mingyu surprised the judges and the other trainees because of his beautiful face.

However, after watching his performance, the judges commented that Mingyu still lacks many skills and needs to work harder. The idol from Jellyfish received class X rank in the regret and confusion of many fans.

The pretty appearance of Jellyfish’s trainee
Kim Mingyu was put in class X in the first round

“Produce X 101” also attracted audiences thanks to the participation of many famous contestants and one of them is Lee Yoojin. He used to play the role of Woo Soohan in the film “SKY Castle”, which was a massive hit on TV.

Yoojin’s appearance at the Mnet’s survival show is a “threat” to other trainees because of the influence of “SKY Castle” that will earn the young actor a lot of votes from the fans. However, in the evaluation round of “Produce X 101”, after the unconvincing performance, Yoojin was placed in class X due to the lack of skills.

The child actor shared: “I never thought that I would give up my dream of becoming an Idol just because I got the X rank. I chose this path, so I will not give up and will continue to try ”

Kim Mingyu and Lee Yoojin’s rankings received mixed opinions from the fans community. Many viewers said that the performance of the two male trainees was not excellent but it wasn’t that bad that they got the lowest rank and this is probably a Mnet’s trick.

Others think that the judges are experts so they have reasons to put the two trainees into the X class. However, whether the decision is scripted or not, Mingyu and Yoojin certainly will have to try very hard to go to a higher class in the next episode. Will the harshness of class X as well as their hard work bring luck to these two potential trainees in the upcoming evaluation round?

Episode 3 of “Produce X 101” will air on Friday evening (May 17) on Mnet TV.

Sources: Mnet

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