PRISTIN member who is now in hiatus Kyla’s newest updates

The PRISTIN member who halted promotions Kyla is now reportedly working as a ticket seller in the US.

There was a footage of her selling ticket uploaded on Weibo and now being shared on Twitter.

Souces: theqoo

  • It’s OK if she’s happy.
  • I like PRISTIN Kyla, so I hope she will recover fast and then be active again
  • I don’t care which path she chose, as long as she’s happy
  • I’m happy because at least we have an update TT as long as she’s not being hurt.
  • Isn’t it kind of wonderful to live like that? I mean, working as an idol and at the same time doing jobs like normal people. I support that kind of life.
  • She claimed to be in hiatus due to concussion but now she got so much fatter? Is she crazy or what
  • What about her concussion and the fact that she suddenly got so fat?
  • I don’t know if it’s concussion or not, but truth is you can get fat due to the effect of medicines.

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