Pristin disbanded because of Pledis will debut new girlgroup?

Will there be a collaboration of Pristin’s members who stayed with Pledis and Lee Kaeun?

On May 24, Kpop fans were extremely surprised when Pledis Entertainment confirmed to the media that Pristin – the company’s latest girl group, officially disbanded after only 2 years. Along with that, 7 out of 10 members, who are Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Xiyeon, Kyla ended the contract and left the company. The 3 members remaining are Kyulkyung, Yehana and Sungyeon.

Pristin disbanded after 2 years of debut
Pristin disbanded after 2 years of debut

The fans have been suspicious about Pristin disbanding for quite a long time when the group had an extremely successful debut and even became the best rookie of 2017 with “Wee Woo” but their activities are continuously “frozen”. They are beautiful and talented but don’t have luck and a managing company that knows how to develop in the right direction.

Pristin’s disbandment made many get angry with the management of Pledis when they failed to see their potential and abandon the group’s activities for two years. Many netizens are suspicious that Pledis is planning for a new girl group including Lee Kaeun – After School’s youngest member- who made a great impression at Produce 48.

Is Pristin's disbandment related to Kaeun and Yoonjin?
Is Pristin’s disbandment related to Kaeun and Yoonjin?

In fact, after Produce 48 ended, Pledis actively “pushed” Kaeun and Yoonjin. Besides, netizens also think that the 3 members of Pristin who stayed with Pledis, Kyulkyung, Yehana and Sungyeon will debut once again, joining the new girl group with Kaeun and Yoonjin.

No matter what the future holds, at the present, Pledis is still disappointing with the fans when they work irresponsibly with the female groups they recruited and trained. From After School, Hello Venus to Pristin, there was no female group that the company invested and cared for.

Pledis’s future girl group still remain unknown but the fans are too disappointed with the way this company treats talented girls like After School …

… Hello Venus …
… and Pristin

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