“Prisoner”, “undercover police”, “single dad”, the cast of Squid Game is so familiar!

The cast of ‘Squid Game’ is as “bloody” as the mortal games in the movie.

9 episodes of the series ‘Squid Game’ have just officially premiered on the evening of September 17 on Netflix. The film reflects many problems of society through the splashing of money by the elite and the fighting among the poor.

Not only the interesting content but also the investment in the context and the “fancy” games in Squid Game make this movie the hottest topic, which people have been talking about all day long. Witnessing the fierce battles of more than 450 players in a bloody game, the film is undeniably successful thanks in part to its promising cast.

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Let’s take a look at the strange but also familiar cast in Squid Game.

Lee Jung Jae as Ki Hoon

Lee Jung Jae is considered a “box office guarantee” in Korea. Known as the leading “actor” of the land with more than 30 years in the profession, this 1973-born actor owns a huge film fortune with famous works such as: ‘Deliver Us From Evil’, ‘Assassination’, ‘The Housemaid’…

In 2010, with the erotic thriller ‘The Housemaid’, which was honored to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, Lee Jung Jae’s name became more and more famous, reaching out to the world. In 2013, the actor made a spectacular comeback as an undercover cop in a criminal organization with ‘New World, partnering with actress Song Ji Hyo.

In ‘Squid Game’, Ki Hoon (Lee Jung Jae) plays a man in debt, addicted to gambling, and unemployed. Ki Hoon is an optimistic character despite life’s difficulties. Ki Hoon risked his life to join ‘Squid Game’ because he wanted to earn money to treat his mother’s illness.  Although it is a survival game, Ki Hoon still retains his inherent honesty, not being corrupted. With his nature as a soldier, fighting spirit and strong desire to live, Ki Hoon is the most interesting character that Lee Jung Jae has ever taken on.

Park Hae Soo as Sang Woo

Park Hae Soo started his career from the theater stage in 2007. The actor is widely known and loved by the audience when taking on the lead role in the hit movie Prison Playbook 2017. In addition, Park Hae Soo also appeared in a number of hit films such as: ‘The Legend Of The Blue Sea’, ‘Memories Of The Alhambra’….

In ‘Squid Game’, Park Hae Soo plays Sang Woo, a childhood friend of Ki Hoon. Despite coming from a poor family, Sang Woo graduated from the prestigious Seoul University and found a good job. However, life is not as expected, Sang Woo faces a crisis, due to embezzlement of company funds. Sang Woo decided to join the game when bored about his dark future and dark life.

Heo Sung Tae as Deok Soo

Heo Sung Tae is a veteran Korean actor. Heo Sun Tae is familiar with the audience through villainous roles such as ‘Masquerade’, ‘God Of War’ and ‘Quiz From God’…

In Squid Game, the actor takes on the role of Jang Deok Su – a gangster who joins the game to settle his huge gambling debt. He is willing to purge others to achieve his goal.

Jung Ho Yeon as Kang Sae Byeok

Jung Ho Yeon was born in 1994, known as a famous Korean model, she joined the fashion industry at the age of 16 and won the title of runner-up in Korea’s Next Top Model season 4. Before encroaching on the field of acting, Jung Ho Yeon was considered one of the most prestigious models in the Korean fashion industry. Ho Yeon is also known as the treasure of the Korean fashion industry.

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In the movie, Ho Yeon plays Kang Sae Byeok – player with code 67, a defector from North Korea, who joins the game to find a way to save her younger brother from the orphanage and live with her parents. With an overwhelming aura and a cold demeanor, Ho Yeon is considered the “fan-attractor” of ‘Squid Game’.  Especially this is Jung Ho Yeon’s first role.

Wi Ha Joon as police officer Joon Ho

Wi Ha Joon is a model and actress, loved after participating in the movie ‘Something In The Rain’ and starred in the horror film ‘Gonjiam: Haunted Hospital’.  Reportedly, ‘Gonjiam: Haunted Hospital’ is one of the biggest March opening grossing films ever achieved by a Korean film, attracting 1.4 million views in its opening weekend and 40% of the total weekend box office revenue.

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In 2020, not until the role of the handsome, good-natured baseball player Ye Ji Hoon in ‘18 Again’ that the handsome actor’s name is known to the public. In ‘18 Again’, Ye Ji Hoon plays a single father when he adopts his dead brother’s child.

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Wi Ha Joon plays police officer Joon Ho in ‘Squid Game’. Joon Ho intentionally infiltrated ‘Squid Game’ to find the whereabouts of his missing brother, Joon Ho followed the clues left by Ki Hoon at the police station and infiltrated the survival game.

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Oh Young Soo as Oh Il Nam

Oh Young Soo is a 77-year-old veteran actor who has made many contributions to Korean cinema and theater, and has been admired by many generations of Korean audiences. 

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In ‘Squid Game’, he plays Oh Il Nam who is the oldest player, but also the one who brings the most surprises to viewers. With the code 001, Oh Il Nam is a character with a brain tumor, he happily joins the game with a refreshing spirit, with nothing to lose.

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