Plenty of idol groups including BTS, Wanna One, and SNSD are addicted to “SKY Castle”.

“Sky Castle” is extremely popular in Korea and idols are no exception when it comes to being fans of the movie.

SKY Castle has just officially surpassed Reply 1988 to become the highest rated movie in cable station’s history. Thanks to this film’s great appeal, even idols – those who have a busy schedule also have to spend time binge-watching movies like us.

Plenty of idol groups including BTS, Wanna One, and SNSD are addicted to "SKY Castle".
Plenty of idol groups including BTS, Wanna One, and SNSD are addicted to “SKY Castle”.

Here are the famous idols who are SKY Castle’s fans:

RM and J-Hope (BTS)

J-Hope revealed on the fancafe that RM loves this movie. He also said that he was very excited when watching the movie, and RM was crazy about SKY Castle. RM thinks this movie is very good.

Both J-Hope and RM are crazy about SKY Castle.

TaeYeon (SNSD)

Taeyeon posted a picture of her and the dog Zero watching SKY Castle together. In a story, she humorously copied a line in the film to ask her dog to go to college: “Seonsaeng-nim, please help Zero to Seoul Medical University too! “

TaeYeon watched the movie with her dog.

In another story on Instagram, TaeYeon sang We All Lie – OST of SKY Castle.
TaeYeon sang SKY Castle soundtrack.

JiSung and MinHyun (Wanna One)

During a Vlive broadcast, WooJin revealed that JiSung is a SKY Castle fan: “JiSung-hyung really likes SKY Castle and I like to joke so when he asked “Who watch SKY Castle? “, I will say “‘Me!”

Woojin also said that he knew the filming location but because he didn’t know the names of the characters in the movie so he couldn’t tell JiSung about the scenes he knew.

WooJin revealed that JiSung likes to watch SKY Castle.

Another member of Wanna One is also part of the free “marketing team” for SKY Castle is MinHyun. When Sungwon said that he did not know what SKY Castle was, MinHyun said it was a very hot movie recently and he had to watch it.

MinHyun told SungWoon to watch SKY Castle.

Seulgi (Red Velvet)

During a Vive broadcast, Seulgi said that she was watching the SKY Castle movie and even told Irene that it was a good movie.

Seulgi introduced SKY Castle to Irene.

Key (SHINee)

Like many viewers, the overwhelming circumstances and powerful twist in SKY Castle make Key have to go to social networks to express his feelings. He once posted an Instagram post and an annoyance: “Hyena-ya, please tell me who did this.”

Do Young (NCT)

NCT members revealed that his favorite character changed over each episode and he also covered a short piece of SKY Castle’s soundtrack song.

DoYoung is a fan of SKY Castle.

DoYoung covers SKY Castle soundtrack

Weki Meki

Weki Meki’s YooJung posted a group photo which showed the group watching SKY Castle on Instagram. She revealed that every Friday night if there is no schedule, the girls will watch this movie together.

Tablo and Tukutz (Epik High)

Tablo (Epik High) uploaded a funny dialogue between him and Tukutz. While Tablo is talking about work issues, Tukutz is constantly explaining about SKY Castle. The male singer then posted this dialogue on Instagram and placed the caption as “We all lie” which is also the title of the soundtrack song.

The friendship between the two members Epik High has been “divided” by SKY Castle.

All Korean idols have emerged in the heat of SKY Castle, what about you? SKY Castle is currently airing at 23:00 every Friday – every Saturday on jTBC.

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