Plans for 2019 of top 7 Korean entertainment companies (ft. BTS’ brother group, JYP’s new girlgroup)

With the 2019 new year ahead, countless music agencies are ready to make their plans for the coming year. The artists who have established a foundation for diversity and equal activities are dreaming that their 2019 will be better than 2018.

OSEN is going to introduce next year’s plans of eight major Korean music companies ahead of 2019. It is believed that it will be a good opportunity to hear the unique voice of each company as well as their plans. Just as the plan is linked to the company ‘s goodwill, please understand that the content seems to be somewhat sloppy.

YG Entertainment: “Big Bang in 2019 – ‘YG TREASURE BOX’

YG artists are active all over the country and abroad. Black Pink will travel from main Asian cities to other continents from January. They also joined hands with Universal Music Group’s representative label, Interscope, in the US. Winner will also start their tour in the U.S. starting in January, and iKON’s best performance this year will continue to be the same. ‘YG TREASURE BOX‘ is aired on hot topic, and the members who were last selected in January are preparing for their debut. Big Bang members are expected to be discharged from the millitary and it is expected that YG’s family will have a bumper year in 2019. There are also internal changes. The new building that has been designed by YG for a long period of time will be completed, employees of various headquarters and departments are creating new synergies in one space.

JYP Entertainment: Launching new girl group with Shin Ryujin , focusing on TWICE, GOT7, and Stray Kids’ activities

TWICE has made a legend of ‘the shortest time for a foreign girl group to enter a dome’ by confirming its Japan Dome tour in 2019, and GOT7 will also actively carry out next year’s activities after performing at the Arena in Japan at the end of this year. As both teams are gaining popularity overseas, it is expected that they will continue to make headlines by continuing their domestic and overseas activities at the same time. Also, next year, ‘Mix Nine’ will be launched with Shin Ryujin as the center. Stray Kids is expected to continue active domestic and overseas activities in the future as it announced a good start by achieving a cumulative sales volume of 300,000 units as in October 2018. In addition, following the launch of multinational groups and the export of domestic content, the third global strategy for launching overseas local groups will continue in 2019.

Big Hit Entertainment: New boy group’s debut six years after BTS

Bighit entertainment, which includes BTS and Lee Hyun, will introduce a male idol group for the first time in six years in 2019. They are planning to release the group early next year and will make public details such as concept and number of people. BTS will continue their ongoing “Love Yourself” Japan Dome tour and Asian tour. Lee Hyun will perform active activities such as releasing new songs and broadcasting.

PLEDIS Entertainment: Making NU’EST W and Seventeen have K-POP strong positions

NU’EST W, Seventeen, Pristine, etc. Pledis Entertainment will support the more diverse and active activities of these artists in 2019. In particular, NU’EST W and Seventeen, who are popular both at home and abroad, will continue their group activities and performances so that they can become K-POP leaders through global activities. Raina is also expected to perform a variety of personal activities, ranging from albums to YouTube activities. Hwang Min Hyun‘s plan for next year’s activities is to be discussed after Wanna One ends.

FNC Entertainment: Jung Yong Hwa’s discharge and the launch of the new girlgroup Cherry Bullet

FNC’s 2019 debut of rookie group and growth of SF9 will further solidify its lineup. SF9 is also expected to increase its popularity in Japan and Latin America by increasing its presence in the Korean pop music industry with active domestic and international activities next year. The new girl group, Cherry Bullet, will be launched for the first time in six years since AOA’s debut. The company will also promote AOA’s new album and FT Island before their joining the military. CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa will leave the military in November 2019 to contribute much to the lineup of singers, and key FNC stars such as Jung Hae-in and Yoo Jae-suk will also renew their contracts for more stable activities.

Starship Entertainment: Monsta X’s world tour, WJSN’s group and individual activities

Starship Entertainment actively supports the activities of its artists this year. Last year, MONSTA X, which boasts a global presence, will also have a world tour this year along with its new album activities. WJSN has won its first music show trophy with ‘Save Me, Save You‘ and will continue to be popular with its upcoming comeback album, and individual activities in various fields such as acting, entertainment, and OST. Boyfriend also plans to have domestic and international activities. Solo artists K.Will, Soyou and Jung Se-woon will perform in various ways including music and broadcasting. Albums by artists with unique musical colors such as Mind U, Yoo Seung-woo and Joo Young will also be released on a regular basis.

CUBE Entertainment: Lai Guan Lin comes back, CLC, PENTAGON, (G)I-DLE debuts overseas

Lee Hwi-jae and Huh Kyung-hwan continue to take part in entertainment programs, while BTOB will continue their individual performances and acting activities after Lee Min-hyuk and Lee Chang-seop joined the military. CLC, PENTAGON, and (G)I-DLE will aggressively enter foreign markets through U-CUBE, a joint label that was established last month with Universal Music Japan. We’ll look forward to the future of Lai Guanlin, who will return to the Cube after his career as a member of Wanna One, and Yoo Seon-ho, who will begin his acting career in earnest.

Source: Osen

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