What a pity! MAMA 2017 should have added “Unluckiest artist of the year” award

And MAMA should have selected these 4 following nominees for the special awards…

If one day, you accidentally hold in your hands the diaries of these 4 following artists, don’t be surprised when they all have the same note: “So unlucky, the product is almost done but…

By chance, Siwon, Taeyeon, G-Dragon and Solji suffered troubles before their comebanks. If possible, MAMA 2017 should have awarded “The unluckiest artist of the year” for all of them.

Siwon coudln’t promote the group album because of…his pet

2017 is probably the unluckiest year of Siwon as he suffered a huge scandal related to…his pet. It’s not a really good idea to recall this sad story, but it was a “deep scratch” that seriously affected the perfect career of Choi Siwon.

This scandal even happened right before PLAY – 8th album of Super Junior – was released. It is understandable that though Siwon participated in the MV with other members, he was completely “banned” to appear on stages promoting hat album.

Super junior, Siwon, scandal, 2017

The scandal led to Choi Siwon’s “being banned” completely on stages promoting album PLAY.

Super junior, Siwon, scandal, 2017

Even though he appeared in all teasers, Choi Siwon couldn’t perform on the stage of weekly music shows with his teammates.

Taeyeon caused a car accident a few days before her concert

The leader of SNSD was not less unlucky when she had a car accident scandal before she had a year-end comeback with a Christmas album (13 Dec) and a Solo Concert (24 Dec). To be specific, in the evening of 28 Nov, according to Chosun, Taeyeon had a car accident at Gangnam, Seoul.

According to the witnesses, when she was driving on the street, she suddenly hit a taxi. After that, the taxi continued to hit another Audi in front of it, which caused a series of accident between 3 cars.
Although nobody was seriously injured, SM and Taeyeon still apologized and compensated the victims. However, perhaps her year-end schedules were too close, many netizens who had not had enough time to forgive her scandal showed their madness to her 2017 Christmas plan this time.

SNSD, Taeyeon, Scandal, 2017

Taeyeon can’t pause her schedules because the time is too close and concert tickets are almost sold out.

SNSD, Taeyeon, Scandal, 2017

Therefore, she is accidentally “thrown a lot of bricks” by the netizens.

G-Dragon urgently changed the theme song due to T.O.P’s scandal

The famous scandal of T.O.P accidentally happened right before G-Dragon published his album Kwon Ji Yong. According to some news sources, due to this scandal, most of the promoting plans of G-Dragon was changed. The planned theme song – Bull Sh*t – was even urgently replaced by Untitled, 2014.

bigbang, G-dragon, 2017

The planned theme song in GD’s album – Bull Sh*t – suddenly became a gift with MV which were not published widely.

bigbang, G-dragon, 2017

Instead, it was replaced by Untitled, 2014 with an extremely simple MV.

Solji – The “most adorable” group leader of Kpop

That Solji – the eldest member of EXID – was diagnosed with serious thyroid disease was published widely in the end of 2016. This is a very dangerous disease which always makes the patient stressed, hardly sleep, have strange characters, have weak muscles as well as swelled eyes, be exhausted and even can cause heart disease. So far, she hasn’t been able to participate any promotions with her group and completely disappeared in the album Eclipse. The only thing that Banana Culture can do for her is to let Solji do the concept photo shooting and record for album Full Moon. However, over the last year, she couldn’t perform together with EXID.

EXID, Full mon, Solji, Hani, 4th mini album

What a pity for Solji – the adorable leader of EXID

EXID, Full mon, Solji, Hani, 4th mini album

Solji couldn’t appear in MV DDD.

If you could, which Kpop idol would you award “The unluckiest artist of 2017” to?

Sources: saostar

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