Pharita, the 6th BABYMONSTER member, was chosen by Yang Hyun Suk himself

YG Entertainment has revealed the 6th member of BABYMONSTER, the 17-year-old Pharita from Thailand. 

On February 2nd, YG Entertainment published a video titled “BABYMONSTER (#6) – PHARITA (Live Performance)” on its official YouTube channel. 

In the video, Pharita, who appeared as the sixth member of BABYMONSTER after Haram, Ahyeon, Chiquita, Asa,and Rora, delivered Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato’s “What Other People Say” with her own sensibility. 

Particularly, the trainee from Thailand flaunts a clear yet dreamy tone, adding delicate emotional expressions to enhance the viewer’s sense of immersion. In addition, Pharita’s aura and unique physicality reminded people of an animated character.


Above all, her unique singing method that captivates the ears of music fans at once, is impressive even at the young age of 17.

On the other hand, BABYMONSTER, the new girl group released by YG about 7 years after BLACKPINK, is known to have a total of 7 members.

It is known that YG is preparing for the global market with this group, introducing roughly 3 Korean members, 2 Thai members, and 2 Japanese members. 


According to YG, Pharita went to an international school since childhood and is a member who excels not only in her mother tongue, Thai, but also in English. After studying Korean for many years, Pharita can now use 3 languages, they said. 

BABYMONSTER, a multinational rookie girl group made up of teenagers, is attracting attention with all revealed members being “all-rounders” of high-level capabilities. As a result, people are holding high anticipation for the last and 7th member. 


Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER’s official YouTube channel has surpassed 660,000 subscribers in just over a month. The total number of views of the six teasers released so far has exceeded 100 million views with a steep rise.

Source: wikitree 

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