People are excited about BLACKPINK’s new postcard photos

BLACKPINK’s amazing beauty makes crazy fans.

Recently, BLACKPINK has just released 4 pictures “teased” for the new year photo album 2021 Season’s Greetings.  Most notably, the members did their hair, makeup, conceptualize, and choose outfits.  BLACKPINK’s princess-like beauty makes fans admire it.

Right after YG released a series of photos, netizens were crazy about the beauty of BLACKPINK.  If the eldest member Jisoo is gorgeous, delicate with white, Rosé is gentle and feminine, Jennie and Lisa bring a seductive and mysterious image.  Each girl is beautiful in her way, but all 4 girls are luxurious and beautiful like princesses.

BLACKPINK's new postcard photos1
Jisoo is as expected of the visual of BLACKPINK. In her glamorous, luxurious image like a princess, Jisoo is even more beautiful and seductive. With only 1 close-up photo, the YG female idol showed the top level of beauty, fully showing off her elegant face and outstanding visual.
BLACKPINK's new postcard photos2
Rosé appeared with feminine and brilliant beauty. Despite covering most of her face, Blinks still have to admire the beauty of the “Australian rose”.
BLACKPINK's new postcard photos
Not choosing the feminine style like a princess like Jisoo and Rosé, Jennie appeared with the image of a fallen angel. Jennie impresses with her charm, strength, and power in red. With makeup, dressy clothes, and two side hair ties, revealing her cold face and eyes, Jennie knows how to change and refresh herself.
BLACKPINK's new postcard photos4
Lisa is also beautiful and attractive. The youngest member of BLACKPINK transforms into a noble and mysterious angel. Both gentle, poetic, and magical, Lisa’s new image is so amazing.

Admiring the series of excellent beautiful pictures, Korean netizens praised the beauty of the 4 BLACKPINK members.  Some prominent comments:

– Oh, it’s so pretty. My friend said Jisoo is pretty in person.

– I saw…It’s so beautiful. It’s the most beautiful female entertainer I’ve ever seen.

– Oh, no…My wish was to go to the Big Bang concert after the Corona, but the BLACKPINK concert is also added to my list.

– Heol all of them are the princess.

– Heol pretty!

– So beautiful.

– Wow really pretty.

Sources: kenh14

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