Penthouse actress covers BTS song like opera, revealing both she and her daughter are ARMY

Penthouse audiences will probably be not strange to Oh Yoon Hee played by Eugene.

Besides her role as an actress, Eugene is also known as a member of first-generation SM Entertainment girl group S.E.S debuted in 1997.

In Penthouse, made an impression with her beauty of the goddess and “top of the top” opera singing ability . Therefore, before the news that Eugene covered a BTS song in an entertainment show, the netizens immediately guessed whether she would make a new opera version for the song.

Specifically, in the latest broadcast of the show TikitaCar, the first generation idol sang a part of BTS’s “Boy With Luv”. Although it is not an opera version as fans expected, Eugene still impresses everyone by her own style and her gentle, flexible and stable voice.

In addition, Eugene also shared that both she and her daughter love BTS so much. She often helps her second daughter, Lorin sit nicely in the car by letting her listen to Boy With Love and Lorin even learned Jimin’s movements in the song.

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Eugene never hesitated to show her support to BTS such as covering songs, posting on Instagram to support their recent Butter comeback.

Fans were very interested in the indirect interaction of the 1st gen idol and these 3rd gen idols:

– Honestly, anyone who sings knows how hard it is to sing this Boy With Luv. It’s OK to dance to it, but it’s fine to sing alone like that.

– Thought that she would sing Opera ver.

– She listened to Butter in Porsche. Beautiful and rich!

– Love you so much! I am so happy when my favorite actress covers the song of my fav group!

– That’s great, both male and female love Boy With Luv.

– Boy With Luv is so hard to sing, she did a good job, she also listened to Bangtan a lot. “Boy with luv” is still hot until now.

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