Penthouse 3’s last episode: Su Ryeon and Seo Jin both suicides

Penthouse 3 ended with the ‘vanishing’ of almost all the main characters.

The last episode of ‘Penthouse 3’ began with the scene at a court where Eun Byul accused her mother of all the crimes. At that time, Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) was still pretending that she didn’t recognize her daughter. The court scene ended when Eun Byul declared that she would never sing again and cut her neck. Seeing her daughter’s actions, Seo Jin couldn’t lie and pretend anymore.

Then the timeline skipped to 3 years later, Rona (Kim Hyun Soo) was already famous, and she returned to Korea to hold a concert. Kang Mari became one of the richest people in Hera Palace while lawyer Lee worked as a marketing agent and a staff at the sauna, and Lee Min Hyuk had spent his 3 years serving in the military. Seok Kyung (Han Ji Hyun) grew up and became a music teacher. She also worked part-time at a restaurant and no longer received money from her brother. She got shocked when she once met a man who resembled Ju Dan Tae, from his appearance to how he talks.

Eun Byul was living happily with her job as an orchestra conductor at a church. Ji Bun Hong was still receiving treatment in the mental hospital. However, she no longer wanted power but only wished Eun Byul would reconcile with her mother. Seo Jin was living in pain; she cut her own hair and was allowed to go outside by the prison warden to meet her daughter. However, instead of meeting Eun Byul, she only looked at her daughter from far away and killed herself by taking poison.

Rona and Seok Hoon reunited and decided to stay together; the two also performed together at Rona‘s show. The most unexpected part of this show is that Su Ryeon (Lee Ji Ah), who was supposed to have died three years ago, reappeared.

The scene flashes back to a moment of three years ago when Ha Yoon Chul died and pleaded Su Ryeon not to kill Seo Jin. Logan Lee had prepared protection gear and navigation equipment for Su Ryeon before she went to meet Seo Jin, but she did not use them, and Su Ryeon‘s body was subsequently discovered. Su Ryeon was not pushed down the cliff by Seo Jin; she decided to commit suicide because she couldn’t forgive herself. Both Logan Lee and Su Ryeon were not present during Rona‘s concert, and all that remains are memories, as both of them died three years ago. Logan and Su Ryeon appear to be entering a tunnel to the afterlife at the end of the film.

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