‘Penthouse 3 will give you a shock from the start – today is the script reading event

The script of ‘Penthouse 3’ has been finished up to episode 3. Today (22 April), they will start a new script reading.

According to the interview with OSEN, the script for SBS’s “Penthouse 3” was written up to episode 3. Following script reading on this day, the first filming will begin on the 25 April. 

The ‘Penthouse’ series drew attention with a shocking plot twist from the previous seasons. Season 3 also has a shocking development from the beginning, and there will be some changes in the relationship between the main characters. 

In Season 2, Shim Su Ryun (by Lee Ji Ah) succeeded in revenge against Joo Dan Tae (Eum Ki Joon). However, there was a shock at the ending where Logan Lee (Park Eun Seok) die from a bomb terror. In addition to this, On Joo Wan and Park Ho San will join the drama. Audiences are predicting a new development.

‘Penthouse 2’ had both national and global popularity with the highest rating of 29.2% (Nielsen Korea National standard). People are having a question that whether the newly aired season 3 would exceed the 30% rating.

Sources: nate

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