Pentagon to have a comeback this September without E’Dawn and Yan An

The boy group Pentagon will make a comeback in September. Following the step of their last song “Shine”, they are determined to “move forward” with a new song.

According to some sources in the K-pop industry, Pentagon is working on a new project which aims at making a comeback in mid-September. OSEN revealed that the album was currently in the final process of preparation.

This comeback will be made without E’Dawn and Yan An. After announcing his love affair with Hyun Ah on August 2nd, E’Dawn has temporarily suspended his activities by refusing to participate in music broadcasts, fan meetings, fan clubs and activities in Japan. Yan An is also focusing on intensive care and relaxation rather than Pentagon’s activities due to health problems.

This marks the first time that Pentagon has been active as an eight-member group since its debut in 2016. It is the first time for the group to promote with eight members, although there has been a previous case where members Shin Won and Yan An cannot participate due to injuries.

Pentagon, a boy group under Cube Entertainment, has been on the spotlight since April when their album “Positive” with the title song “Shine” was released. At the same time that “Shine” is gathering attention, Pentagon has also been highlighted as the Rising Star of the next generation.

This is reportedly the group’s first comeback since “Shine” was released. Netizens are focusing on whether Pentagon’s new song will achieve results good enough to surpass “Shine.”

Sources: OSEN

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