“Part-time job photo controversy” Kim Sae Ron’s legal representative can’t get in touch with her

On March 15th, Kim Sae Ron’s legal representative DR & AJU said in an interview with a media outlet, “Kim Sae Ron’s penalty for the drunk-driving accident was considerable, so she is in debt. It’s true that she’s in a difficult economic situation and is working part-time.


They continued, “We know that she used to work part-time at a certain place. We didn’t know she was doing several things at the same time, but (looking at photos of her working part-time at the cafe) we guessed it might be like that. We were curious about related articles and contacted her directly, but we couldn’t confirm the exact fact because we couldn’t get in touch with her.

They added, “We have nothing to say about the controversy. What is clear is that she, the head of household, is currently working part-time. Currently, she left the dorm under the name of her agency. We can’t confirm whether she’s staying with her family.

Earlier, Kim Sae Ron posted photos of her working part-time at a cafe on her SNS to prove her hardships. However, the franchise refuted “Kim Sae Ron has never worked here“, making her embroiled in controversy over lying.

As a result, many accuse Kim Sae Ron of posting manipulated photos as if she was working part-time at a cafe to arouse sympathy from the public.

Source: Wikitree

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