Park Yoo-hwan, Park Yoo-chun’s brother, continues to do live streaming amid being investigated for drug use

Park Yoo-hwan, who is being investigated for drug charges, is found to have communicated with fans through personal broadcasts until recently.  

It was confirmed that Park Yoo-hwan, Park Yoo-chun’s brother, had continued to communicate with fans by doing personal live streaming on the 31st of last month. Park Yoo-hwan has about 13,000 followers on his channel and has 10,000 views regularly. His main viewers are mostly foreign fans.

Park Yoo-hwan has been recently charged with violating the Narcotic Control Act and has been under investigation. He is accused of smoking marijuana with two people in a restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, in December last year. At that time, he reportedly visited Thailand to make a special appearance at Park Yoo-chun‘s concert in Thailand and committed the crime with a group of Koreans.

Park Yoo-hwan

Park Yoo-hwan has admitted all the charges and is about to be summoned. He is Park Yoo-chun‘s younger brother and has been doing live streaming in defense of his brother even when Park Yoo-chun was criticized by the public for his using drugs and lying controversy.

Park Yoo-hwan

In particular, he reported Park Yoo-chun‘s difficult situation to fans and demanded support from them. He, who had emphasized the opinion that “Park Yoo-chun is innocent,” was embroiled in controversy again when Park Yoo-chun was proven guilty. When Park Yoo-chun was released after being sentenced to probation in the first trial in July 2019, Park Yoo-hwan’s anxiety waiting for his sentence drew attention.

He used to appear as supporting roles in various dramas, but has disappeared in the entertainment industry without any further activities and decided to do his personal streaming activities since then. Park Yoo-chun also appeared on Park Yoo-hwan’s personal broadcast to talk about his recent status. 


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