Park Yoo Chun’s company accused him of gambling in Macau and the Philippines with evidence

After a series of events, Park Yoo Chun and the management company officially turned their backs on each other.

On August 25, CEO of Ricielo Company, A said to OSEN: “Park Yoo Chun used to gamble in Macau and the Philippines. He started gambling in Macau but gained a big loss, so he tried to earn the money back in Philipines. We have the proofs and will submit them to the police for the investigation.”

According to the laws in Korea, except for the places with the government’s permission, every act of gambling in Korea or in foreign countries will also be considered illegal.

A used to work as Park Yoo Chun’s manager for a long time since he left TVXQ until recently. However, last month, Park Yoo Chun signed a double contract with an agency in Japan and accused A of embezzlement.

After that, A sued Park Yoo Chun for spreading malicious slander and taking advantage of the company for his own purpose. It was reported that Recielo Company had to pay up to 100 million won for Park Yoo Chun’s debt.

Earlier, Park Yoo Chun posted on his Japan fancafe denying all the allegations. He said that he tried to contact A but didn’t receive any answer, so he decided to file a complaint. Meanwhile, A reported that since the conflict broke out, Park Yoo Chun has never contacted him.

From being an artist and the company, they turned to become enemies, and it seems like they would face each other in court to solve their conflict.

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