Park Yoo Chun covered up tattoo of former fiancée with “this person”

After his breakup with his former girlfriend, Hwang Hana, Park Yoo Chun has replaced the tattoo he has of her face. 

In 2017, Park Yoo Chun made headlines when he promised to marry Hwang Hana, the granddaughter of the founder of NamYang Dairy Products, but they eventually broke up.

Park Yoo Chun

During their relationship, Park Yoo Chun got a large tattoo of his girlfriend’s face on his left arm, causing quite a stir. 

Now that the couple have gone their separate ways, Park Yoo Chun has removed the tattoo of Hwang Hana’s face from his arm and replaced it with a new tattoo. This new tattoo is featured in a short video published on April 12th on “LOGBOOK Official”, the YouTube video of Park Yoo Chun’s current agency.

Park Yoo Chun

In the video, Park Yoo Chun can be seen wearing comfortable hiking clothes as he climbed a mountain. Park Yoo Chun’s arm, which is visible in the video, is covered with various tattoos such as flowers and writing, attracting the attention of many viewers. 

It was here that netizens noticed that the tattoo of Hwang Hana was erased, and in its place was a picture of the Japanese cartoon character, Crayon Shin Chan. 

Park Yoo Chun

On the other hand, Park Yoo Chun declared his retirement from the entertainment industry in 2019 due to various controversies including drug use, but reversed his decision after a year.

Meanwhile, his former fiancée, Hwang Hana, was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison for multiple drug offenses and was imprisoned in a correctional facility before being released after serving her sentence.

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