Park Shin-hye updated her recent status, revealing that she has just caught a “cute” thief

Actress Park Shin-hye announced that she recently spotted a “cute” thief in her house.

On January 12th, Park Shin-hye posted a photo on her SNS and wrote, “I left the chili tuna can opened for a while, but it was not for you to eat, tuna thief ah.” In fact, Park Shin-hye was going to eat chili tuna but her cat stole it. The released picture showed her cat with its mouth full of chili tuna traces.

Park Shin-hye then complained, “Luckily, there were no symptoms such as vomiting. Since the chili oil couldn’t be erased, it was still left around the mouth.”

Park Shin-hye updated her recent status

Meanwhile, Park Shin-hye is about to marry actor Choi Tae-joon. Along with the news of her marriage, she also revealed her pregnancy.


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