Park Min-young is “getting married”… Pure white wedding dress (Love in Contract)

tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Love in Contract” released Park Min-young’s “Marriage Declaration” video.

“Love in Contract” is about the unusual job of a “single life helper” who becomes wife of single people needing partner to attend events such as couples’ gatherings and reunions.

Director Nam Sung-woo, who completed casting Park Min-young (as Choi Sang-eun), Go Kyung-pyo (as Jung Ji-ho), Kim Jae-young (as Kang Hae-jin) as well as directed “My Roommate Is a Gumiho”, “Kkondae Intern” and “Kill It”, is expected to show sensual and brilliant directing skills.

Park Min-young plays Choi Sang-eun, a single life helper with perfect looks, abilities and charm.

Park Min-young transforms into a “contract marriage master” who helps her client have a perfect single life, raising expectations for the actress’ ever-changing charms.

In this regard, “Love in Contract” drew attention by releasing a teaser video containing Park Min-young’s pure white wedding dress look for the first time today (August 17th).

In the teaser video, Park Min-young attracts attention as she marches on Virgin Road amid everyone’s blessings. Park Min-young’s dazzling beauty, which seems to have reached the peak of happiness with an off-shoulder wedding dress and a neatly tied high-bun hairstyle, arouses admiration from viewers.

While Park Min-young’s bright smile filled with a bride’s excitement makes viewers’ hearts pound, her perfect beauty catches the eye. The realistic teaser video, which is reminiscent of a wedding video, raises expectations for the drama.

Meanwhile, the face of the groom next to Park Min-young is hidden. At the end of the video, Park Min-young shyly says “I’m getting married“, raising curiosity about who her groom will be as well as “contract marriage master” Park Min-young’s Nth wedding.

“Love in Contract” is scheduled to premiere at 10:30 PM on August 21st.

Source: nate

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