Park Jihoon’s reaction (WANNA ONE) at fans fainting after touching his hands

A fan fainted when she met Jihoon and his reaction made the fans feel warm.

Recently, the former member of WANNA ONE Park Jihoon successfully organized his Taiwan fan meeting with thousands of fans. However, an incident that happened at the event caused Jihoon to panic. Specifically, a lucky female fan participated in Hi-touch with the WANNA ONE member on stage. But because of the anxiety and excitement, this girl fainted immediately after touching her idol’s hand.

The incident suddenly caused Jihoon to panic, though he quickly reached out to the girl, soon after, the staff was in time to bring her to the backstage. Jihoon was extremely worried, he set up the event and watched his female fans in uneasiness. WANNA ONE member’s reaction makes fans feel warm. It can be seen that not only is he lovely but this guy is also extremely warm and always worried about his fans.

Female fan fainted when she met Jihoon and his reaction.
Park Jihoon.
Park Jihoon (WANNA ONE).
MV Spring Breeze – WANNA ONE.

Source: tinnhac

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