Park Hee-soon’s fan café post drives fans crazy: “You should’ve come to me sooner”

Actor Park Hee-soon, who is gaining huge popularity among gen Z fans with Netflix’s “My Name”, posted a thank you message on his fan café.  

Park Hee-soon said on his fan café on Nov 2nd, “What’s going on? This was not a place like this. It was such a quiet place, but it is very lively now. There are a lot of new people, it’s nice to see you all.” He then said, “Many existing members are quiet and shy, they must have been so shocked,” adding, “In fact, I’m also surprised and stunned by such response, but on the other hand, I’m grateful.”

Park Hee-soon

He said, “I sincerely thank you all for loving ‘My Name’ and cheering for Choi Moo-jin,” adding, “I will continue to do my best as I have always done.” And lastly, he quoted Choi Moo-jin’s line, “That’s why…hmm…You should have…come to me sooner,” he added, making his fans go crazy.

Park Hee-soon

Park Hee-sun played the role of the largest drug organization boss in “My Name” who is gaining popularity among generation Z for his sexy and charismatic charm.


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