Park Eun Bin ranked 1st on “Talents who shone the brightest this year”, followed by No.2 Kim Hye Soo and No.3 Nam Goong Min

Actress Park Eun Bin topped the list of talents who shone the brightest in 2022.

Gallup Korea conducted a survey on 1771 people aged 13 or older in different areas of Korea (excluding Jeju) from Nov 7th to Nov 24th, asking them to choose two most-active talents this year. According to the result, Park Eun Bin, who played the female lead in ENA’s Wed-Thu drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, won first place as she was voted by 13.6% of survey participants.

Actor/actress of 2022

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which aired from June to August, is a drama about Woo Young Woo, a genius rookie attorney with autism spectrum disorder, growing by solving cases with her law firm colleagues. It caused a syndrome-like craze and achieved the highest preference points on Gallup Korea’s “Favorite TV Program”, which has collected dramas of all genres and channels since January 2013. 

extraordinary attorney woo

Actress Park Eun Bin has been working nonstop without taking a break since her drama and movie debut in 1996. She proved her acting experiences through the role of Woo Young Woo this year. Park Eun Bin, who has starred in various historical dramas since she was a child actress, got her first leading role on a terrestrial channel in 2013 through “Hur Jun, the Original Story” (MBC). She took off her existing calm image to become Song Ji Won, a girl who is good at drinking, dancing, and often tells dirty jokes, in  “Hello, My Twenties!” (JTBC, 2016). With Park Eun Bin’s shocking transformation into a male character, “The King’s Affection” (KBS2, 2021) became the first Korean series to win an International Emmy Award.

The second place was taken by Kim Hye Soo (13.0%). Through tvN’s weekend drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, which was broadcasted from October to early December, Kim Hye Soo met the viewers as a gracious and bold Queen Im Hwa Ryeong. At the beginning of this year, she impressed drama fans with her appearance as workaholic judge Shim Eun Seok in Netflix’s original series “Juvenile Justice”. Kim Hye Soo made her debut in the movie “Ggambo” in 1986 with an adult role when she was still a teenager. In a short period of time, she rapidly grew into a leading actress with her outstanding acting performances and unrivaled charisma. In 2009, she ranked No.5 in the chart of “Talents of the Year” after starring in SBS’s drama “Style”, which created a trend that year. 

kim hye soo the queen's umbrella

Nam Goong Min, who recently drew attention with his appearance as Chun Ji Hoon in “One Dollar Lawyer” (SBS), was named in third place with a voting result of 11.3%. Nam Goong Min made his debut in the movie “Bungee Jumping of Their Own” in 2001. After starring in “The Good Manager” (KBS2) and “Distorted” (SBS), he was recognized as a “trustworthy actor” and won Top Excellent Actor awards at drama awards held by two broadcasters in the same year (2017). With “Doctor Prisoner” (KBS2, 2019), “Hot Stove League” (SBS, 2020), and “The Veil” (MBC, 2021), Nam Goong Min presented amazing acting skills and unique character transformations every year.

nam goong-min

The 4th place went to actress Go Doo Shim (4.2%). In the ongoing drama “Curtain Call” (KBS2), which began airing in late October, she appeared as Hotel Nakwon’s President Ja Geum Soon and depicted the pain of being separated from family and the process of preparing for death. In the first half of this year, she played the role of Hyun Chun Hee, a quiet haenyeo in “Our Blues”, which was set in her hometown Jeju, and delivered the unique emotions of a Jeju native. Go Doo Shim, who started acting after joining MBC’s 5th open talent recruitment in 1972, is a veteran actress who can shine with any role.

Go Doo Shim Curtain call

The survey also revealed “Reborn Rich” Song Joong Ki in 5th place (3.3%), followed by No.6 Lee Jung Jae (2.9%), No.7 Hyun Bin (2.6%), No.8 “Our Blues” Lee Byung Hun (2.5%). JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes” Son Seok Goo and tvN’s “Little Women” Kim Go Eun were tied for 9th place.

Actor/actress of years

Other than the TOP 10, about 24 names were selected with a result of slightly over 1%. They are Kang Ha Neul(2.3%), Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin, Shin Min Ah (2.2%), Lee Seung Gi, Kim Hye Ja (2.1%), Ha Ji Won(2.0%), Choi Bool Am(1.8%), Kim Tae Ri (1.7%), Kim Rae Won, Kim Hae Sook (1.5%), Park Bo Gum, Youn Yuh Jung, Han Ji Min, Lee Seo Jin (1.4%), Park Seo Joon, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Jong Suk (1.3%), Kim Seon Ho, Jun Ji Hyun (1.2%), Kim Soo Mi, Ji Hyun Woo ( 1.1%), and Kim So Yeon, Jang Mi Hee (1.0%).

Source: Daum

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