Park Bom (2NE1) returns to Kpop: The rise or the fall to the end of the pit?

4 years after the drug trafficking scandal, Park Bom - the vocalist of 2NE1 - announced her comeback to the K-pop music race this March.

In the afternoon of February 15, a series of prestigious newspapers in Korea spread the information that Park Bom will soon release her solo product. Since the drug scandal was uncovered in 2014, 2NE1’s lead vocalist has disappeared from the Kpop market so far. “Never Cry” released in 2011 is the latest music product shown by Park Bom.

After Park Bom’s comeback information, the 34-year-old singer received support from fans and especially the congratulations of YG chairman Yang Hyun Suk. However, Park Bom also received a lot of criticisms on social media, because they believed that the scandal before was too big of a stain for her to revive her name.

Park Bom returned to Kpop after 4 years of disappearance due to the scandal

Before the scandal, Park Bom and 2NE1 were at the peak of their careers thanks to their second studio album entitled Crush. Crush is the pride of Blackjack (2NE1 fan community) and is highly appreciated by Korean critics because the group chose to change to the unique electronic music.

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Rolling Stone magazine chose Crush as one of the top 10 best pop albums of 2014. The album was sold more than 5,000 copies in the US and reached the 61st position on the Billboard 200 chart. With this momentum, 2NE1 even had the plan to host the World tour called AON.

At that moment, the shock hit 2NE1 and blackjack when Segye Ilbo channel announced Park Bom’s scandal from four years ago. Segye Ilbo exposed the story that the female idol was arrested on October 12, 2010, for deliberately transporting 82 amphetamine tablets from the US to Korea. Park Bom was strongly rejected by the audience at the time, despite YG’s effort to overcome it.

Park Bom’s scandals made 2NE1’s names badly affected. Therefore, calling her one of the “queen of scandals” ​​of Kpop is not wrong. In the past, controversy also aroused because of the suspicion of Park Bom lying about her age.

And throughout her artistic career, Park Bom constantly faced trouble because of cosmetic surgery. Yet at the press conference, Park Bom repeatedly affirmed that the face she possesses is completely natural beauty. Even so, people will get answers when they see the dramatic change in Park Bom’s facial features over time.

Park Bom’s scandals affected 2NE1 greatly.

Not only does the public but many fans in the Blackjack community also turned their backs to Park Bom. According to the Korea Portal, Park Bom’s drug trafficking scandal is one of the reasons for 2NE1’s disbandment at its peak.

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In April 2018, Park Bom first made a statement after the serious scandal. The former 2NE1 member expressed: “After watching a show, I felt like I had to go back to being a singer. No matter what the circumstances, I cannot give up what I want to do the most.

Despite strong condemnation from Korean Netizens (extreme fans), Park Bom is determined to return with new music products. Currently, the details of the song are hidden, but there is information that Park Bom will collab with Dara, Park Bom’s old member at 2NE1, delight fans.

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The boundary between rising and falling awaits for Park Bom ahead
On the world music map, Kpop has long been known as a harsh market with extremely high elimination. The idols take a lot of effort to build a name, but just a scandal can cause them to become empty-handed. Se7en, G.NA, T-Ara, as well as Park Yoo Chun and T.O.P are examples.

Among the above names, T-ara slumped dramatically, Se7en used to be the potential rival of Rain, but now become the left-over of YG, Yoo Chun slipped from the top and TOP also has the same fate. G-Dragon’s case is very rare in Kpop when he has a serious scandal but still manage to build up his name again.

Accordingly, G-Dragon was discovered using marijuana back in 2011. This is the time when Big Bang thrived in Kpop. Thanks to the support of the V.I.P community (Big Bang fans), and the support of YG, G-Dragon overcame the scandal spectacularly. After that, the hit Fantastic Baby helps to dismiss the old scandal of Big Bang.

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2NE1 (YG Entertainment)

After all, Park Bom is determined to return with her passion for music.
Park Bom can see G-Dragon as the motivation to stand up after the scandal. Even so, the 34-year-old singer’s journey will be very difficult because her name has been forgotten in Kpop, 2NE1’s popularity is only a thing of the past and YG is no longer behind Park Bom with such strong power.

After hearing about Park Bom’s comeback, President Yang said, “Although Park Bom is no longer active in YG, I sincerely wish her success with the new song.” On the social network, the blackjack community and fans of Park Bom all sent their blessings to the 34-year-old singer.

On a social network, a fan called 2019: “Year of the comeback in Kpop“. After Park Bom, Yoo Chun also made his comeback with his first Korean album after a rape accusation. Later this year, T.O.P will be discharged from military service. The Big Bang’s rapper decided to try to revive the image after being seriously affected by marijuana scandal.

If Park Bom’s comeback release in March succeeds, this is the new turning point for Kpop – a place that often says no to tolerance for artists who have bad scandals and images. Otherwise, this will be the end of Park Bom’s name in Kpop.

Sources: zing

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