Park Bo-gum Expresses Affection For Jang Do-yeon, “I’m Nervous About Meeting You, You’re So Pretty”

Following Son Seok-gu, actor Park Bo-gum also appeared on “Salon Drip” and fluttered Jang Do-yeon’s heart with his confession

On May 28th, the YouTube channel “TEO” uploaded a new “Salon Drip 2” content video. At the end of the video, a teaser for next week’s episode was revealed.

The guest of the next episode is actor Park Bo-gum. In the teaser, MC Jang Do-yeon held her cup and said, “Today, let’s cheer for Park Bo-gum”, drawing laughter. 

park bo gum

In response, Park Bo-gum said, “I was very nervous. I got a little nervous knowing that I would be meeting you”, expressing his feelings about meeting Jang Do-yeon again.

Park Bo-gum then looked at Jang Do-yeon and commented, “Senior, you’re so beautiful. You’re really pretty”. The actor’s unexpected compliment made Jang Do-yeon laugh so much.

Later, he confessed, “Thank you for liking me until now”, with teary eyes, stimulating viewers’ curiosity about the story he will share in the episode next week.

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