Something strange about Yoon Jisung’s entering the graduate school

Yoon Jisung has received warrants for military service for eight times and if he fails this time, he will have to enlist

Do the public know that he has delayed it for eight times? When Yoon Jisung contacted the Ministry of Defense last year, he would go to the military if he failed to go to the graduate school until September 17th.


However,  Yoon Jisung debuted with WANNA ONE and he said he would go to the graduate school last December. If he wants to pass in December, he will have to file by October.


Moreover, Yoon Jisung will have to earn a bachelor’s degree in order to be able to attend the graduate school because he graduated from college.

Therefore, it is important that he should graduate from a college, but after that, he must have received a bachelor’s degree in credit banking.

After his time of graduation was checked, something strange emerged.

The official article on graduate admission states that he graduated from college several years ago.
Does it mean at least three years ago?

By the way, on Wikipedia, he was said to be a college student by 2016. This means he graduated in either August 2016 or February 2017.
What did he do with the warrant for military service in December 2016?


In 2017, he survived without enlistment and debuted as a member of WANNA ONE on a busy schedule, so how could he get a credit bank?

When is the exact graduation time? Is the official article correct? Is the information on Wikipedia correct?
Perhaps there may be something wrong with the system.

It is clear that Yoon Jisung will have to take part in the first semester of 2018 as soon as WANNA ONE terminates their contracts.
It means he will be able to postpone his graduation until he is 30 years old.

After the military service law is revised, he can delay his enlistment by pretending to be sick with a knee guard on his pants .


He has been able to pretend to have a pain on his knee. He will be 29 years old next year, and at that time, he will have an answer for his delay for enlistment.


Let’s not talk about his pretending to have a pain on his knee but the time when he graduated from college should be clarified.

It will be better for Yoon Jisung if the ambiguity in the graduate admission process is clarified when the law might be revised in a sensitive time.

To sum up, below are some important points:

1. Yoon Jisung, a graduate of a vocational college who has delayed his warrant eight times in public, suddenly entered a graduate school after his debut.

2. When he graduated from college, he needed to acquire a bachelor’s degree.

3. Why do the official article and the Wikipedia have different content in the period of graduation from the college?
(The key evidence for the period of receiving a bachelor’s degree is the time when he graduated from college)

4. If the Wikipedia was true, how could he get a bachelor’s degree from a credit banking system while on a busy schedule?

Source: Pann

[+145, -1] I don’t think he was doing any job during his training period, so I wonder why he delayed his military service.

[+130, -1] I think this should be explained by Yoon Jisung’s side. Military and graduate school admissions are really important issues, so I think it should not be ignored.

[+112, -1] I was surprised to know that Yoon Jisung went to graduate school as he was really busy last year. I thought it was great that he made time to prepare, but now I feel really uncomfortable because there was an entertainer corruption scandal. No one knows when he’s graduating from junior college, I think it’s part of something that needs to be transparent. I hope the graduate school and the knee pad things aren’t his acting so that he doesn’t have serve in the military.

[+110, -1] But don’t idols wear knee pads on stage to hide their injuries because they are afraid their fans might be worried? He wore it obviously. He’s unique to my standards.

[+104, -1] A normal person can postpone it 8 times? I had to join the army because I couldn’t delay it, so I want to know the method.

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