[PANN] Male idols that I would cast for a role in historical dramas!

A fan’s recommendation on selecting a perfect male idol to feature in historical dramas.

“Because i love historical dramas so much, these are the idols that i would love to see on my TV screen. Enjoy reading!

BTOB Yook Sung Jae

Because he acted in a high school drama before, i didn’t think his image would fit for historical dramas. But i changed my mind after seeing this picture ㅋㅋ He could be a king or prince who is good at martial arts. That gaze though ㄷㄷㄷ


This picture gave me a feeling that i don’t even know how to explain… He’s like a painter who is actually a genius who leaves the palace and dresses in Joseon’s outfit. And he also has a woman who loves him too…

He has his bangs lay down in he picture, but i think he would still be handsome without the bangs. 

GOT7 Jinyoung

A handsome man coming from a noble family and known for his good disposition. He enters the palace as the crown prince’s friend, and my heart is thumping unknowingly~

I didn’t know that Jinyoung was the guy from “Legend Of The Blue Sea”, and I thought he would fit for a role in a historical drama. The picture says it all though ㅋㅋ Definitely a perfect fit!

RAINZ Hong Eun Ki

I didn’t know that he looked that good in a imperial robe! He’s already handsome, but with that intense gaze, he would fit the role of a king! 

Actually, he totally can replace Lee Jun Ki in “Thê King and His Clown” 


Bright and intense, but will it work for him? Can you feel the heat?
Maybe it’s because of the characters you know.
I think he would fit Xiumin’s role in “Seondal” a lot! He would be a great warrior who can escort Yeoju without any words.

WANNA ONE Lai Guan Lin

The unfortunate king who claimed the throne too early and fell into complicated wars of power.

A king-over-flowers ㅋㅋ It suits him so well!

I heard that there will be a historical drama coming out soon so with these photos of potential candidates, let’s cast together ㅋㅋ” 

[+123, -5] Why is Yook Sung Jae even here?

[+99, -6] Wow… Yook Sung Jae looks so cool ㅠㅠ

[+61, -7] Is it true that Jin-young had a role in “Legend of the Blue Sea”? After watching it, I thought the actor was not only handsome but also had good acting skills and I realized he was Jin-young

[+37,-1] After seeing that photo of Sung Jae, I think that’s the reason why the webtoon is coming out.

Source: Pann

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